Therapeutic Massage

This is our specialty at Wen'ells Therapeutics, we heal injuries, re-align the body and minimize pain and discomfort


Working with a combination of Swedish, Pressure Points, Deep Tissue and more, Remedial Massage targets the cause of pain or discomfort and begins the journey of healing. This is our most popular treatment.


A gentle non-invasive form of bodywork that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum to release compression. Treatment helps to alleviate stress, headaches, joint pain and temporal-mandibular joint disorder


Deep Tissue begins with addressing areas of concern, using Swedish Massage Techniques to alleviate discomfort with a specialised Deep Tissue technique, which will allow for a reduction in pain, improved concentration and toxin drainage


Specific injuries, preparing for training or competition. A specialised technique is utilised to work with the muscles to heal and improve.


A Specialised form of bodywork requiring light, rhythmical sequences to drain toxins, improve circulation, improve oedema while also benefiting clients experiencing fatigue


Using mapping of the body through the hands & feet, specialised pressure and techniques are used to treat concerns relating to general well-being, migraines, interrupted sleep and the elimination of toxins


Chinese cupping makes use of specially designed cups to deeply heal aching or damaged areas by increasing blood flow, releasing knots and stimulating