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+ Benefits of Regular Massage

Regular Massage has many short term and long term benefits. You will begin to feel less stressed, tightness will fade, and circulation will increase.

Benefits can also include improved skin tone, flexibility and increased joint mobility, with stimulation of the Lymphatic System.

+ How Many Massages Should I have

Weekly is ideal. However, in our busy world today this is almost impossible to achieve.

We recommend monthly Massages for our clients, with further visits if sever pain or discomfort appears.

+ What can i expect from my massage

On your first visit you will be asked to fill out a consolation form, so our staff can know more about you and any relevant history.

You will be led to our comfortable massage rooms, where you will be asked to change into a sarong and lay on the massage table, the therapist will leave the room at this time.

Our Therapist will return and begin a brief consultation on focus areas and preferred pressure. The Massage will commence with a hot towel finish and water provided.

The Therapist will leave, to allow you to change and exit the room to reception where payment and further appointments can be made.

+ Can I book a consultation

A free consultation can be booked with any of our Therapists, simply contact us to book a complimentary consultation.

+ Do You Offer Treatment Plans

For sever discomfort, joint immobility or injury rehabilitation. Your Therapist will offer and discuss a treatment plan to best suit you.


+ Who Can Have A Facial

Anyone can have a Facial, we recommend Monthly Facials for every skin type to maintain healthy skin tones, texture and oil flow.

The only time a Facial is not recommended is when a contagious skin condition is present, once this condition has passed a Facial can be conducted.

+ What Is a skincare routine

A Skincare Routine is the process of looking after your skin by Cleansing, Exfoliating and Moisturising. Skincare routines vary from person to person and can be developed instore to suit your skin type

Waxing is not recommended, when a contagious skin condition is present, recent sunburn, bruising or is major surgery has occurred within the last 12 months within the area wanting to be waxed.

If you are unsure contact us or ask your doctor.

+ How long will tinting last

Tinting - if recommend aftercare is followed, will last between 2- 4 weeks.

+ How long will my polish last

Our polish will last up to 2 weeks on fingernails and up to 4 weeks on toenails. Shellac is also offered for those wanting a longer finish.