Yoga & Wellness

Wellness incorporates working in harmony with our mind, body and spirit to enhance our everyday life – achieving wellness is an uphill battle, especially with time commitments such as work, family and social life, this lost time can lead to increased levels of stress, and a higher chance of depression and anxiety.

Yoga can help


Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy that dates back thousands of years and is a gentle form of physical exercise and stress management, which in essences relies upon structured poses and breath awareness.

Yoga instructors are trained all over the world and in turn are individual and create a different experience, this is normally done with a unique combination of meditation, concentrated breathing, smells, sounds and positions.

Independent researchers have discovered that regular practice of yoga may produce health benefits such as; increased fitness if practiced regularly, better sleep quality, reduced anxiety and depression, lowered stress, increased concentration and an overall feeling of happiness and wellbeing, other benefits can be directly related the body systems, such as the following:

Cardiovascular System – normalization of blood pressure, Increase circulation, high levels of oxygen within the body

Digestive System – With increased blood circulation the benefit of speeding up any sluggish digestive issues

Musculoskeletal – increased join and muscle movement, release joint pressures, reduced back pain and improved posture

Nervous System – Enhanced energy levels, increase awareness, calm and wellbeing


Yoga is also simple to begin learning and can be practiced essentially everywhere, from the office, to the comfort of home, a class setting or gym floor. Multiple studies have confirmed the efficiency of yoga and its subsequent benefits from practicing this form of gentle exercise a handful of times a week leading to a noticeable difference in your personal health and wellbeing.

Want to start but don’t know how?

The Yoga Journal has fantastic resources focusing on taking that first step

Looking for a more visual tutorial? Adriene hosts a Youtube Channel dedicated to the in’s and outs of the practice

We hope this helps you take your first move towards engaging wellness x