Facials and Wellness

By the age of 25 our skin is considered “mature”, cell turnover reduces, and we start to see the signs of increased dryness, tightness, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. This is cause for concern for many women and men around the world, but studies have shown that a balanced diet, exercise and a regular skincare routine can help to minimize these signs even after they appear.

Skin Care is a massive industry within Australia, with over billion-dollar turnover annually and a crowded market space, it can be daunting to gather the right information and choose the right routine to get the best results from your skin.


It is always recommended that you attend a consultation with a certified beauty therapist and someone you trust before moving to obtaining an effective skincare routine – these consultations are normally free and involve a looking under the surface at your skin concerns and issues.

From here the beautician or skin expert puts together a recommended routine to get the best results from your skin; this paired with plenty of water, sun and a wellbeing routine, following these recommendations can lead to noticeable benefits in the skin.

 On-top of a beautiful customized skincare routine, it is recommended by all Beauty Therapists to book for a facial monthly – these facials are skin meetings and can keep you on track to your skin goals.


Facials are customized to you and allow the beauty therapist to see how the skin is reacting to the skincare routine and if needed can be modified – while also being a relaxing experience.

Facials usually run from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, and at a basic level consist of a double cleanse, scrub, mask, moisturizer, eye cream, oil and sunscreen.

Treating your skin correctly in the present, leads to beautiful results in the future – a qualified Beauty Therapist can work with you to ensure that keeping on top of your skin is an easy and beautiful routine.


To See the different experiences that facials can offer, LadyLike offer a beautiful video here

We hope you and your skin have a beautiful day x