Customer Post - My Favourite Products

A long term client, Belinda shares with us her favourite products from Wen'ells Essentials Range -

For around 9 years now I have been using these products, and for me the standouts are the ones that really have made a dramatic impact on my everyday life. When I was thinking about what my favourite products out of all of them would be; I could not go past the Peppermint Gel.

But then all the other products were streaming into my mind screaming “what about me!” After sitting at the computer all day, I would often soak in the bath salts and apply some Peppermint Gel and Arnica & St Johns Wart and feel better by the morning.

The clay is amazing; it takes down the swelling in my knee overnight; but my regulars are the face wash which I use daily and have noticed the redness in my face reduce over the years. I put a little Breathe Relief on a tissue whenever I feel anxious (this one is kept in the office and used daily) and the Peppermint Gel which is have put just about everywhere which replaced my weekly appointments to the Chiro and Acupuncture; this stuff is gelatinous gold to me and something I hope I never have to live without.

Wendy WeierGuest