Daily Meditation

Life can be crazy, we have work commitments, family commitments, Social commitments and Study Commitments - but do we ever give time to commit to ourselves?

Meditation is a simple way to allow yourself time to ground, re-center and prepare for the end of a day or the coming of one. Meditation can take 2 minuets and has been found to have astounding benefits for the mind, body & soul:

  • Reducing stress & anxiety

  • Practicing mindfulness can be then carried out in everyday life

  • Benefit happiness, memory & self-control

Mediation is an easy mindful act which can be accomplished in almost all settings by following a few key steps:

  • Finding a quiet place to sit and ground yourself (headphone can help if a quiet place is hard to find)

  • If you only have limited time set a timer and a trigger to help bring you out of a relaxation state on time

  • Ensure you are comfortable where you are sitting, make use of a chair or lay down

  • Focus on your breathing throughout the meditation practice

If you find silence a hard thing to mediate to - why not try some specialised podcasts or apps? We recommend:

Headspace - www.headspace.com/

The Meditation Podcast - themeditationpodcast.com/

The Daily Meditation Podcast with Mary Meckley - www.sipandom.com

Meditation Minis - audioboom.com/channel/meditation-minis-podcast

Wendy Weier